Press Releases


Blue Springs, MO, June 11, 2013 – Fike Corporation is pleased to announce the release of its PROINERT2 inert gas fire suppression system. In addition to other significant design improvements, PROINERT2 is now available with 300bar technology, making Fike the first manufacturer to offer a UL/FM approved 300 bar system in the United States.

“Fike has had an LPCB approved 300 bar PROINERT system for years, and now we have been able to bring that technology to the UL/FM markets,” explained Brad Stilwell, Fike Director for Fire Protection Mechanical Products. “That means more inert gas is in each PROINERT2 cylinder, reducing the number of cylinders and accessory equipment necessary. In addition to a sizable reduction in system cost, fewer cylinders translates into an inert gas solution that takes up less valuable space. And all of these benefits are available with no change in PROINERT’s already safe, efficient constant system flow rate which allows for smaller-diameter, lower-pressure, less expensive piping.”

In addition to offering 300 bar technology, the new PROINERT2 Universal Valve Operator (UVO) provides for a simplified, more efficient system that requires less pneumatic actuators, hoses and fittings.

“Fewer parts means a more reliable system at a fraction of the cost and larger systems can be expanded easily and less expensively,” continued Brad Stilwell. “And we can now offer unlimited pipe runs, which means that the PROINERT2 system can be located virtually anywhere within a building. PROINERT2 is extremely cost-effective and versatile, while still offering all the benefits of being a zero ozone depleting, completely natural fire protection system.”

Fike is a globally recognized supplier of products and services that protect people and critical assets from dangers such as fire, explosion, and over-pressurization. With nearly 70 years of experience manufacturing safety solutions, Fike offers a complete line of proven, reliable products to customers around the world.